Pakistan's First Luxury Dine-in Theater

About Us

Raiha CineGold Plex is Pakistan’s first luxury dine-in movie theater. We offer an entertaining and distinguished cinematic experience. Enjoy your movie by reclining on our sofa seats, with food served to your seat from a wide array of delicious cuisines. Immerse yourself to witness an unparalleled experience in viewing the state-of-the-art digital 3D screening at Raiha CineGold Plex.

Founded in 2014, we have demonstrated our drive to push the cinema experience to new and exciting levels through our luxury dine-in theatre concepts. Our business has been the best in providing an ultimate movie-going experience. We now have locations in Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi.

With three luxury lounges offering fully reclining Lay-Z boys seats, elegant lobby spaces, cutting edge sound and projection technology and our gold class in-theater Gold Restaurant offering a complete continental cuisine, makes Raiha Cinegold Plex stands out as an international movie theater.

Malik Riaz - Chairman

People often ask me about what drives me and Bahria Town. I believe that all men in history who have positively contributed to their society have been spurred by common things i.e. challenges, and the dream to rise above not only for personal fulfillment but for the common good of all their societies in general.

Bahria Town, I believe is making a historic contribution to nation building which even governments would have deemed to be impossible, on such a massive scale, so wide-spread and so fast. We have developed world-class communities the size of cities that offer the strongest infrastructure in the country and promise a lifestyle unparalleled by any other developer in Pakistan. Our successes in Islamabad, Lahore and more recently, in Karachi have taken us just two decades or so, but they have become such integral parts of the cityscape that people of those cities cannot even imagine those cities without Bahria Town. And now we are proudly venturing into more cities to take the dream and success of Bahria Town everywhere we go.

Ali Malik - CEO

Another year has flown by, on unseen wings of time, flying on the fast and ruthless winds of change.

Despite all challenges associated with the development work of this immense magnitude, Team Bahria Town has not only ensured before-time delivery of projects but has also focused on infrastructure development, building huge roads surpassing even the most amazing arteries all over the world, alongside facilities and amenities that are going to redefine lifestyle needs in a fully secured environment.

I am indebted to Team Bahria Town for their perseverance and professionalism. It’s their effort, their commitment, their passion that has transformed Bahria Town, Asia’s largest private real estate development group, into a phenomenon setting new paradigms of excellence in other areas including leisure and entertainment, healthcare, education, commercial & retail, hospitality, and non-profit social activities.

Following a fulfilling 2019, we look forward to 2020 as another great year of achievement and service, as Bahria Town stays committed to building a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan.