Work at Raiha Cinegold Plex

The people at Raiha Cinegold Plex have revolutionized the way people experience entertainment. It’s because of our employees that we have reaped rewards beyond our imagination. Our employees are the ones making the magic happen. They work hard to live up to sales pitch and serve our customers to the best of their ability.

A message from the Director

When Raiha Cinegold Plex was founded back in 2013, I always told my team to make a customer not a sale, to understand the customers and to listen to them. Everyone at Raiha Cinegold Plex worked hard and now our business has reached a point where our customers have become our brand advocates. For us, providing an excellent customer service is not the only need but to provide an immediate service.

Our job, simply put, is to give our customers more than what they expect to get. Settling for any less is nowhere on our list. I couldn’t be happier with as the employees continue to strive for giving every guest has an awesome experience.

Raiha Cinegold Plex is expanding its theatres across the country in Islamabad, Lahore and now in Karachi. If you are looking for opportunities for career growth, we look forward to hearing from you.

Sajid Ilyas
Director, Raiha Cinegold Plex